Migraine Headache Prevention Tips

  • Do not take pain mitigating medicines frequently. Over intake of pain medicines may cause rebound headache and may eventually increase the frequency of migraines.
  • Make sure to sleep and eat at regular intervals.
  • Make sure to sleep at least 7 hours at night.
  • Avoid fasting. It will increase both Pitta and Vata dosha, worsening migraines. Do not skip meals.
  • Use a very mild deodorant / perfume.
  • Quit smoking and get rid of alcoholic addiction.
  • Do not drink strong coffee / tea. Make it light.
  • Do not abruptly stop taking coffee or tea. Be very gradual in withdrawal.
  • Try to avoid pubs and clubs with loud music and flashy bright lights.
  • Wear sun glasses wherever possible.
  • Make sure to have proper ventilation at your place. Do not use a/c for long period of time.
  • Early morning walking for 10 minutes in fresh air will help you immensely.
  • If you get time, go to a nearby Ayurveda center and get massage with Maha Narayana Taila. (once a week).Or take the oil and do massage yourself once a week and then take bath.
  • Use an umbrella or hat to protect yourself from direct Sun.
  • Avoid or restrict green chilli use.
  • You can have cinnamon, cardamom, clove, ginger and pepper.
  • Do not listen loud sounds.
  • Try to control your anger.
  • Lower computer / TV screen brightness.
  • Do not take too hot water bath or too cold water bath.
  • Watch for those things or foods that trigger a migraine attack. Make a list of them and avoid them.

Note: 1 Magic Remedies or Exorcism: Some villagers also believes on some magical remedies and rumors related to treatment of migraine headache like mantra (Tona – totka) therapy and some claims that migraine can be treated with exorcism (Jhaad - Phoonk) using desi cow tail (Indian Breed) by rotating the tail round the head of the patient in number of times in the equally clock wise and anti clock wise. This process is repeated twice a week to get complete relief.

Note: 2 Doctors Opinion: Some doctors and physicians pointed out that the migraine headache in incurable, it can only be suppressed to some extent and it last to somewhat till death.