Important Facts Related To Migraine

  • Stress / Anxiety and Migraine: Stress and anxiety may act as trigger factors or migraine patients tend to develop anxiety and depression over a period of time. Hence, leading a well organized, stress free life is key in controlling migraine.
  • Migraine and Constipation: In many cases, migraine patient often suffers from constipation and gastritis symptoms such as burning sensation in stomach, bloating etc. In them, treatment to constipation is very effective in reducing migraine attacks and intensity.
  • Migraine and Pranayama: In many patients, Pranayama techniques requiring holding breath may cause or worsen an attack. Hence,resorting to simpler techniques like Anulom Vilom Pranayama or avoiding holding of breath for long is advised.
  • Migraine and Women: Migraine is seen women nearing to periods and in elderly nearing menopause. In them, treatment for hormonal balance is useful.