What Is Migraine

1.1) As per modern system of medicine: Migraine is a clinical syndrome of self – limited neurogenic inflammation which is “a referred pain from duramator and blood vessels”. It is a debilitating recurring primary headache disorder characterized by a series of automatic and neurological symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, light sensitivity, and sound sensitivity. Galen used the Greek word ‘hemicrania’ (half skull) to describe the one sided headache in this disorder.



1.2) As per Ayurvedic system of medicine: Migraine is a burning health problem of modern age, affecting more than 1 in 10. Suitable lifestyle changes, Ayurvedic therapies and medicines hold the key in treating migraine. In Ayurveda this condition is referred as ‘Sooryavarta’ . Soorya means ‘Sun’ and avarta means ‘affliction’ or ‘blockage’. The headache gets worsened on sunrise, peaks during noon hours and reduces after evening. Even though this is the typical feature of this illness, it may not be true in all cases. Symptoms may vary based on body types and habits. Migraine is caused by excessive stimulation of brain and blood vessels. Migraine headache is usually associated with one sided throbbing headache, with nausea (tendency of vomiting), vomiting and sensitivity to light. Some people get warning symptoms called aura, having visual changes, just ahead of migraine episode.